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Project XIII


Personal Project: Project XIII

Premise: A teen, with help from an uncommonly understanding girl, remembers a suppressed event from his past and fights to survive the consequences.

As I have been attending further school at NAIT, my progression on the game has been limited however in my free time I have been reconstructing the high school and plan to do the same to the rest of the environment aspects I have created in the past. As well, I have already started to create the characters – something I has always wanted to do in the past but had so many issues trying to teach myself that I never finished.

Blackbell High School Model

2015 - Present: Speed Modeling Video

3ds Max

Project XIII first started in December 2004 as an 88-paged first draft of a novel. Now, several hundred pages later, and many revisions, Project XIII is now becoming fully immersive as an Action/Adventure video game.

Unreal Engine

Speed Modeling Video Playlist

The Commons area has three lives trees growing through large holes in the floor that open up to the ground.

This high school is modeled after the real life F.W. Johnson Collegiate in Regina, SK, Canada. The high school I graduated from in 2009.

Over the years, I have remodeled this school four times.


Past Progress

Recent video of game-play.

Project Details

Project XIII.

Created in 2012 using Unity3D – last fully finished and in game engine version of the high school model: Blackbell.

Current planned game play/game mechanics: at least three characters to choose from to learn their side of the story. Current planned characters include: Matt Nabel, Luna Jay, and Shane Axel.

Style: Realistic with stylized characters.

  • Client

    Personal Project

  • Skills

    • 3Ds Max
    • ZBrush
    • Unreal Engine
    • Maya
    • Unity 3D


Any and all characters, buildings, or models related to Project XIII