Organic Modeling

December 10th, 2016

My final project for DMIT 1003 – 3D Modeling in Maya. We were all to make a Wyvern (type of dragon, most known in Skyrim), using organic modeling, but starting with a cube. I kept mine pretty subdued but added in the bone horns and spent a lot of time (more time than modeling) on the texture. I used Photoshop. I took a few textures from (subscriber) – all were not seamless, so I spent hours copying the skin from ones, the scales from another and then layered several blood drops and splatters utilizing Photoshop’s overlay options to boost color and contrast. I’m going to spend some free time in the future and do a bit more work on this to make it portfolio worthy.


October 20th, 2016

This was a pretty simple project. We used Maya to create simple box primitives then learned how to properly uv each box to then texture. We textured them by using layouts from . The guy in the middle was the class project – the example, and I chose the TARDIS and Voldemort as they are two characters from series I enjoy.

Cube Guys

This was the second part of the project. We created an image in Photoshop for the cereal box (opposite to the Cubee Guys). I decided to have a bit of fun. So, introducing: Fire Roasted Breath Sparkles!